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Location: Festival Tower, Dubai Festival City, 58191, Dubai, UAE

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About Me

Hi, I’m Angelo Vassiliades

“For those of us who consider ourselves photographers, photography usually starts out as a hobby.” Kristen Jensen

Like with the saying above, photography for me started very much as a casual hobby using a basic point-and-shoot camera. Whatever the setting may have been, I was always there, ready to capture the moment through the camera’s lens. I found that the more I shot, the more interested I became in getting better and came to realize that photography had truly become a passion of mine. 

My other big passion is traveling and exploring the world, that’s why a good majority of my portfolio features photos I’ve taken during my travels, in my efforts to get to know our world a little better. I always felt that if I was able to take the viewer on a journey through my photography and allow them to visually partake in my adventures, then I achieved what I set out to do.

Travel photography aside, I’ve been lucky enough to support clients with their requests ranging from lifestyle shoots and influencer content to venue interiors, food photography and more.

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Angelo Vas Photography

Angelo Vas Photography - About Me
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